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[Facebook Live Replay] Picasso and van Gogh book roundup

Frida Kahlo Book Club

There are so many amazing Frida Kahlo books for kids. I’m sharing highlights from a few of my favorites in this video.

Faith Ringgold Book Reading!

It’s story time! Let’s read Faith Ringgold’s book Harlem Renaissance Party. We’ll use the story and all of the historical references as the basis for our week three connections to other subjects!

Sumi-e Ink Painting Demonstration

Have you ever wondered how Japanese artists create their beautiful bold black and white paintings? They use bamboo brushes and ink! This demo will introduce you to the basics, and you’ll be creating your own sumi-e masterpieces in no time! If you want to check out the book I reference at the end of the video, you can find it here.

Great books about our November artists

A closer look at some fun books about Paul Gauguin and Gustav Klimt.

Art Chat: Seurat’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon’

As we wrap up our month with Georges Seurat on The Island of La Grande Jatte, let’s chat about a few interesting elements in his painting!

Conté Crayon Demonstration

Let’s explore a fun sketching technique that Seruat used as he prepared to paint ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte.’ Grab your conté crayons and some textured paper and let’s sketch!

Liquid Watercolor Materials Demo

If your kids are new to liquid watercolors, this video might be helpful to see the paints in action and to watch how they react with the canvas board. Please remember! This demo is not a tutorial. There’s no need for your art to emulate the art in the video. Use you own imagination and make the painting you want to. Abstract Expressionism is about expressing what is inside YOU, so every painting should be different and unique.

Printmaking Demonstration

If your kids are interested in making prints like Hokusai's The Great Wave... they can! With a few simple supplies from the art store, they can create their own custom designs and print as many copies as they'd like!

Sculpting Materials Overview

Let's take a look at some common sculpting materials. Your kids may need a material that stays workable if they like to create sculptures over a period of time. Or maybe they'd rather have a medium that hardens so they can paint it. Learn which materials will work best depending on their needs.

Matisse Book List

There were so many amazing book recommendations listed in our month with Matisse. This video takes a closer look at a few of them.

Monet Q+A

All of your Monet questions from April are answered here!

Monet Book List

There were so many amazing book recommendations listed in our month with Monet. This video takes a closer look at a few of them.

Charcoal and Newsprint Demo

Let's do some loose line drawings! Explore how charcoal can give your drawings an expressive and gestural quality. Practice using more or less pressure to get a darker or lighter line.

Chalk Pastel Demo

Learn simple chalk pastel techniques, and explore how creating art on toned paper adds depth and contrast to your drawing.