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The Ultimate Art History Booklist

There are so many amazing books for kids about the amazing lives of artists. This list is organized by artist, and there are 32 of them listed here! Use it to help you to find some fun new things to read on your next trip to the library or bookstore. 

Artist Quote Prints

These printable quotes will add a little boost of inspiration to your creative space! 

Making Art Meaningful: A Course for Parents

Exploring art with your kids is a remarkable gift that goes both ways. You're giving them the gift of spending time together, and filling their mind and soul with beautiful art. And as an extra sweet bonus, you receive the gift of seeing their eyes light up when they fall in love with a particular artist, their focused interest as they sketch a favorite painting in their art journal, and being there to witness that a-ha moment that comes from nowhere as they make a connection between something they've learned before, and the art they are seeing now.

making art meaningful.jpg