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Exploring art history at home with your kids is easier than ever!

You don't need to be creative, or have a background in painting, sculpting, or drawing... you don't need to know anything about art!

These guides are designed for non-artsy parents!

It's effortless and fun to create colorful memories together. Your kids will develop their art skills through open ended projects that allow for creativity, while building a foundation of cultural awareness. They will gain critical thinking skills, and discover how art history connects to everything!

As an added bonus, they will learn these skills through the study of great art. This way of learning helps to make the projects more memorable as it connects the lesson to something relevant and concrete. It's not just theory, it's meaningful because it's about a real person who actually existed in the past. 

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What to expect from the art history kids guide

Each lesson is broken into sections to help make it easy to fit into your schedule. The guide contains a lot of information, and if your child is extremely interested, you may be able to do everything in one day. Most parents find that it takes 2-4 weeks to finish everything completely, and coming back to the information over a period of several days or weeks enhances and deepens your child's learning. The sections include:


Guided open ended questions to begin a discussion about the art.


Interesting information about the importance of the art, artist, and art movement.


A deeper look at one or two topics that are significant to this style of art, or this artist.


A critical thinking exercise to get your child engaged, and to encourage independent thought.


Directions for two art projects.


Learn how this art relates to literature, math, science, music, geography, politics, social events, and more.


5 main facts to help you review what you learned after a few weeks or months (or years).


Ways to take your study even further. These are like extra credit suggestions.

Note to Parents

Scheduling suggestions, and other fun tips that go along with the topics in this guide.

Art history kids philosophy

A pdf file that you can print and display in your art area, children's room, or other creative space.

Artist quote

Another pdf file for you to print and display. 


Don't feel like you have to do everything here. Learning about art and art history is a never ending spiral. Just start with one or two things, and over time you can come back and learn one more thing at a time. Some guides will interest your kids so much that they'll want to do everything right away. Other times, they may not connect immediately with the style or artist, but may be interested later when studying a different related topic. You can always come back and learn more. It's YOUR schedule, and these guides are flexible, designed to support your child's education, and are easily adaptable to use in a variety of ways.


Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? I'd love to hear from you! Write to me, and let me know what you're thinking.