PopArt Home Education Group – Discounts & Deals

Thank you so much for your interest in using Art History Kids lessons and guides in your homeschool.

Click the buttons below to learn more about the materials, and use these codes to purchase/join with a discount. You'll receive 30% off on all the guides, and a reduced membership rate of $15 per month or $150 per year (normally $23/mo or $230/year)!

These discounts will be available from January 7-25.

I’m excited to meet you inside the Art History Kids community very soon! :)


Purchase guides here and use this code for 30% off: JT5869F

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To join The Studio monthly plan, use this code to join for $15/month: POPARTmonthly

Or join the yearly plan for $150/year with this code: POPARTyearly

*This will be the final time the $15/$150 price will be offered. The discount is ongoing, and you continue at that price as long as you remain in the membership.

To apply the coupon:

  1. Click the ‘learn more about the membership’ button above.

  2. On that page, click the plan you’d like to join (monthly or yearly) and click the black button to sign up.

  3. Create your account (enter your name, email, and enter a password of your choice).

  4. On the next screen click the blue text at the bottom that says ‘Have a Coupon?’ Enter your code and click the green ‘apply coupon’ button.

  5. Enter your billing info, and sign up! You’ll receive a welcome email immediately after you join.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the guides or the membership!