Homeschool Art Curriculum – The Studio Membership with Art History Kids

Inspire your homeschool with art appreciation and open-ended art projects!

Stop searching Pinterest and YouTube for art inspiration, and spend more of your time enjoying connecting with your kids through creativity!

You can explore art with your kids (in a way that’s meaningful AND fun) even if...

  • you consider yourself to be ‘creatively challenged’ because don't have a background in art, and you don't feel confident teaching your kids about it.

  • you need an art curriculum that will work for multiple ages and different skill levels.

  • you worry that you won't have time to include art in your schedule, you don’t have enough art supplies, or you think it will be too messy.

If these concerns have held you back from incorporating art as a regular part of your homeschool... you are not alone! 

But studying and making art is so important for kids!

  • It helps them to do better in all other school subjects.

  • It is a wonderful outlet for big ideas and feelings they may not have the words to express.

  • It encourages a love of beauty, an appreciation for culture, and a respect for creative expression of all kinds (dance, theater, music).

  • It teaches them observe carefully, analyze what they see, and concisely verbalize their thoughts.

  • It helps them to become decisive when taking action.

  • It invites them to explore the world beyond their hometown... looking at different countries, communities, and points of view.

  • It teaches them to be flexible and try new things when first attempts don't turn out the way they expected.

  • It gives them confidence, and a sense of mastery when they create art that expresses their ideas the way they intended.

Art History for Kids. The Studio with Art History Kids.

Art empowers kids!

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.
— Sir Ken Robinson

And, with a little help, you can confidently and effortlessly introduce your children (of different ages and skill levels) to amazing art each month… even if you don't have a lot of time, a degree in art history, or a fully stocked art room at home! The Studio allows busy (and non-artsy) families to have SO MUCH FUN exploring art together!

What is The Studio?

The Studio is a monthly membership that introduces you and your kids to a new art history topic each month – and invites kids to explore their own creativity through open-ended hands-on activities!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
— Pablo Picasso

Imagine transforming creative time with your kids...

... and instead of relying on internet craft projects or other last minute ideas, you offer your kids a glimpse into the fascinating life of an artist from history. You explore the time and place that artist was from. And you invite your kids to create their own art inspired by what you just saw! Art that they come up with on their own... using their imagination and their creativity (not a step by step tutorial).

When you join The Studio, this is exactly what you get!

Each month you get to explore a different famous artist with your kids, introduce them to important art history ideas, and invite them to create some amazing open ended art of their own... and all of the research is done for you. Each week you get an easy-to-follow guide with all of the info you'll need!

You just get to enjoy the fun part– connecting with your kids through creativity! 

See What's waiting for you inside the Membership

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Mobile Friendly lesson plans you can print or view on your devices.


Archived lessons from the past three months!


A growing video library featuring demos and tutorials.

2018 CAL GRAPHIC.jpg

Planning pages and a gorgeous printable calendar to help keep you organized.


A private Facebook group where we can connect and chat!


Personalized email support from me any time you have questions.


A 25% discount on other Art History Kids products... every day!


You get a new fun topic to explore each month, broken down into weekly lessons that you and your kids will LOVE.

The activities are completely adaptable to fit your needs. You can spend as much or as little time on them as you like. It's all up to you and your kids. The Studio works perfectly with your schedule, and is tailor made for your homeschool lifestyle.

it's Fun for the whole family!

The Studio projects will work for all of your kids, and will support them wherever they are in their artistic development. Your 3 year old can do their version of the activity, and your 12 year old can do something related, but involving more complexity and depth. 

No experience needed!

Never taken an art class in your life? No problem! You can learn right alongside your kids. There's no need for any previous art knowledge, and you don't have to be able to draw, paint, or sculpt. You just log in, introduce that week's topics to your kids, invite them to create a project of their own, and enjoy the creative atmosphere in your house that follows.

It Saves you time!

Every homeschool mom has a few subjects she's most passionate about. That's where you shine! Use your energy there, and let The Studio come up with your art activities and lesson plans. 

Easy for you, fun for kids.

Open-ended project ideas make teaching and learning a blast! Since there's no right or wrong, everyone just gets to explore. Process oriented activities ensure your kids will stay curious and engaged, because they are invited to direct their learning in a way that makes sense for them. 

An affordable option for the whole family!

Have you seen how much an art class costs? For just ONE child?! The Studio offers you all the same learning opportunities at a fraction of the cost. And, as long as you remain a member, your price will never go up (even if membership rates rise in the future)! 

Join today!

Get access to The Studio for just $19 per month!

(with no commitment - you can leave anytime)


Your Membership Works like this...

  1. A new fun theme to explore each month. Every month, we'll follow the same blueprint.

    • Week 1- Introduction and overview

    • Week 2- Going deeper (focus on one aspect of the art)

    • Week 3- Connecting the dots (relating it to other subjects)

    • Week 4- Review and explore more

  2. Easy to follow lesson plans delivered each Monday. Begin your week with creativity! It's effortless with lesson plans from The Studio greeting you each Monday morning. You'll practice the art of conversation with pre-planned discussion guides and chat prompts that will lead you in some great art talks with your kids. Never wonder which book to read! Book lists are all researched for you. And, your kids will love the open-ended project ideas every week. They're always process-oriented, so the artistic journey is more important than the destination. Finally, you'll learn to implement The One Thing Theory. It's my secret trick that banishes homeschool overwhelm for good!

  3. Access to three months of past lessons. When you join, there will be 3 months of previous activities waiting for you in addition to the current month's topic.

  4. Unlock archived bundles. Each month you'll be able to download one of the older lessons from previous months in the membership. We've been studying art for 19 months, so there are lots of fun subjects waiting for you.

  5. Personalized feedback from me. Email me any time. I'll usually get back to you the same day.

You can be an amazing art teacher for your kids... even if you Don't know a Van Gogh from a Miro! The Studio takes care of everything!

This month we are studying...


Trees in art: a look at three paintings

upcoming topics...


Kandinsky and abstract sensory explorations

What members are saying...


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Who is the Studio for?

The Studio membership is perfect for:

  • Homeschool families

  • Art teachers who want to include art history

  • Co-op leaders

  • Art Studios looking to include more art appreciation

  • Parents who want to explore art with their kids

If you've been wanting to explore more meaningful art activities and discussions with your kids... you'll LOVE how easy The Studio makes it!

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There’s No Long Term Commitment

The Studio is a Monthly Membership... you can Cancel Anytime

It's as easy as logging in and clicking a few buttons. No hassle, no questions asked. 

Art appreciation for kids- The Studio membership with Art History Kids.

Answers to frequently asked questions


Q: What if I have questions? A: I'm always here to help. When you join The Studio, you'll only be a quick email away from getting my 1 on 1 attention, and help with any of your art education questions.

Q: What if we fall behind? A: The Studio is self paced. You can't fall behind. All of the information is available for you to re-visit anytime. You can even choose to use previous month's lessons instead of the current month, skip a month if you get busy, or work at a different pace (faster or slower) if you need to. It's open for you and your kids to use in a way that makes sense for your family and your schedule.

Q: What age range is this for? A: I design projects with 5-12 year olds in mind, but anything can be adapted for younger and older kids. You can always email me if you need suggestions, but kids of any age will find the projects fun and valuable.

Q: I'm not very artsy. Will I be able to do this? A: Yes! You don't need to know anything about art... that's what I'm here for! Think of me as your personal tour guide on the best museum tour ever! :)

Q: What supplies will we need? A: All of the project ideas are open ended– and for most activities, your kids are invited to choose the medium they would like to work in. Sometimes we need a special art supply to try out a specific technique. In that case, I'll let you know the week before, so you can make time for a trip to the art store. To get started, all you need are crayons, paints, and paper! 

Q: Can I share my membership? A: No. Your membership belongs to you as an individual parent or teacher. If your friends or co-workers are interested in joining us, we'd love to have them! Please invite them to sign up so we can all explore art together. Your membership covers your family (if you are a parent/homeschooler), or your classes (if you are a teacher or studio owner). 

Q: Will this teach my kids how to draw/paint/sculpt? A: Well... sort of. I'm not planning to have any "tutorials" in the traditional sense, because I think open ended exploration is so much more valuable. I will sometimes show how to use a different material or medium so your kids will be confident when they experiment with new art supplies, but I won't be guiding them along as we all draw something exactly the same way. The Studio will introduce ideas, and support kids on their artistic journey. When a child is motivated to learn to draw or paint or sculpt, they will learn. And, if they learn these skills from their own internal interest, their unique style will shine through. There's a lot to be said for "copying the masters" as a way of improving the technical aspects of their art, but when you inspire their creativity and they express their thoughts and feelings in their own individual way, their work becomes much more meaningful and important.

Q: How do you know so much about art history... and homeschooling? A: Thank you for asking! I have a degree in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, and Art History has always been my secret passion. When I started homeschooling my own kids 6 years ago, I realized how fun it is to explore Art History with little kids! But, when I tried to find some lesson plans for us to follow, everything was either way too simplistic and superficial, or too overwhelming and not written with kids in mind. So, I created Art History Kids, and here we are today. I know first hand (from my formal education as well as countless hours in museums) all about the amazing world of art history, and I also know first hand all about the even more amazing world of homeschooling. It gives me endless joy to find new and fun ways to bring those two worlds together in a way that is both educational and engaging.

Homeschool Art Appreciation

Imagine inviting creativity to take the lead in your homeschool this year!

Encourage your kids to express themselves through art as they learn to think critically about the world around them. The Studio makes it effortlessly easy for you and so much fun for your kids!

Get 2 months free when you sign up for a yearly membership! ($190 for 12 months!)

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Lotus Stewart is the f

ounder of Art History Kids and a homeschool mom of a 4th grader and a 6th grader.

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