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Making art meaningful: a course for parents

Ditch the paint by numbers projects and inspire your kids with thinking art activities they'll love. This course walks you through:

  • setting up a stellar art area (which supplies to invest in, and which ones to skip)
  •  how to approach teaching differently and act as your child's tour guide (giving kids maximum potential for critical thinking and creative development)
  • why process based art is so valuable (and how you can set up process based art projects for your kids)
  • what is open ended art (and how to invite your kids to create art this way)
  • how to talk about art with your kids (their art, and art in museums and books)
  • how to connect art to other subjects you are studying (and why this makes learning so much more meaningful)
  • why mindset matters (and how you can maximize the time you spend together studying art history)