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What's your Art Study Style?

The way you approach art with your kids makes a world of difference. Art is not a one-size-fits-all subject. Take the quiz to find out what style is best suited to your family, and then download a guide that's specifically designed to set you up for success this year!

The Frida Planner

Frida is know for her unique style of Magic Realism, and YOU are known for your amazing ability to start with a plan, and then stay flexible as you go along the journey of learning with your kids.

The Van Gogh Planner

You like to live in the moment, and watch your children... paying close attention so that you can guide their learning to align with their own individual talents and interests.

The Picasso Planner

Picasso created art throughout his long life in many different styles and formats. He took a methodical approach to his work, and appreciated the inspiration that comes from persistent effort.


Easy to implement tips to set you up for your most creative year yet!