Learning About Mondrian

Mondrian...the possibilities for fun are endless!

We had a lot of fun making felt boards to use in composing our own works of art in the style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The majority of his well known art consists simply of a grid of black horizontal and vertical lines, and primary colored squares and rectangles.

That's it!

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But there's a lot you can do with lines and rectangles... 

The Project

For younger kids, practice learning colors. Slightly older kids can practice cutting strips of black, and colored blocks from felt or construction paper. Kids of any age can begin to learn about the process of creating a composition, working with the idea of visual balance, and the concept of reducing something down to it's most essential components (in this case rectangles, squares and lines).


This is a really fun book. It's not really 'about' Mondrian, but it definitely reinforces the visual style, and the last 2 pages of the book give a brief biography and background.

Interested in learning more about Mondrian? Look here and here to study him further.

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