Rekindle the love of learning!

When you do the same thing (or a slightly different version of the same thing) each and every day, it's bound to loose it's luster eventually. 

We try our best as homeschool moms to keep things interesting, but sometimes we need a little time to refresh and renew our own love of learning so we can inspire the same in our kids!

Next week I have the great honor of being part of an amazing online summit that can help you do just that! Kelly George from Fearless Homeschool has enlisted dozens of homeschool thought leaders to share their knowledge on every aspect of homeschooling! Some of the fun topics that will be covered include:

  • 9 essentials of a Charlotte Mason education
  • Self directed education and the future of learning
  • Worldschooling from home
  • Science for moms who don't like science
  • Creating a culture of writers at home
  • Plus so many more! There are 34 workshops total!!

I'm excited to present two workshops which will be available on Thursday and Saturday! Join me for "Art with heart– creating an intentional and meaningful art practice in your homeschool," and "Set up an art area your kids will love to use."

The Start Homeschooling Summit – 28 presenters across 34 workshops over 6 days will cover just about everything to do with homeschooling, unschooling and everything in between. It’s going to be huge.

If you've never attended an online summit before, you are in for a treat. It's a week of fun workshops that you can drop in and attend at your own convenience. Some are pre-recorded, and others are live, but everything will be available to rewatch for 48 hours.

You can also purchase the bundle (and if you purchase before the workshops begin you save 40%!!). Purchasing the bundle gives you lifetime access to all of the workshops and you'll also get early access to the ones that are pre-recorded! In addition, you get a multitude of fun extra things that workshop presenters have thrown in to help you in your homeschooling journey. I'm including a free 30 day trial in The Studio – Art History Kids membership group!

Once you register, you'll get a handbook that will help you plan your week. Choose the topics that are most relevant to you, or watch them all! If you think you'll need extended access, remember that the presale ends on Sunday February 18.

Online summits are an amazing way to broaden your perspective and learn new ways to approach homeschooling. 

Homeschooling isn't static. It's always changing because your kids continue to change and grow... and so do you!

This is the perfect time of year to dive into workshops and live chats that can refresh your approach and bring new ideas to your routine.

Take avantage of all the amazing experts and veteran homeschool moms who will be sharing all they've learned from their experiences! And join us in the private Facebook group where you can meet them all before their workshops, and connect with them after if you have any questions!

I'm excited to see you at the summit!