Transform your homeschool sick day into a fun art day!

You wake up, ready to start a fun new day in your homeschool and...

*sniffle* *sneeze* *cough*

... you discover your little one has come down with the sniffles. 

They aren't really so sick that they have to stay in bed, but they are definitely too sick to try to tackle math. (Have you ever asked a sick kid to do math? In my house this makes all symptoms suddenly get 10x worse.)

So, what's a homeschool mom to do!? You can only watch so many episodes of Trolls and My Little Pony!

There's no need to spend the day on the couch... turn your sick day into a fun art day! (They might even have such a great time, they'll forget they are sick at all!)

Turn your homeschool sick day into a fun art day! No need to cancel school when your little one has the sniffles. Pull out these fun project ideas and use the day to get creative!

1. Visit a (virtual) museum!

Did you know you can travel to museums around the world... without leaving home? Check out Van Gogh's The Starry Night, and zoom in on the details. Hop over to admire the dreamy tranquility of Monet's Waterlilies, and wander around the site to see what else catches your eye!

2. Re-read all of your favorite art books. 

You probably have a few art books around the house. Gather them up, make some tea, and re-read them all! (Looking for literary inspiration? Check out these popular titles!)

3. Have an art party – in bed!

Pull out the (washable) paints and crayons and create some art in bed! (Interestingly, lots of amazing artists started painting because they were bedridden as children. You can read a little about Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse and how their childhood sicknesses lead to a life-long passion for art!)

4. Sprinkle art invitations around the house for them to discover

What's better than a fun surprise when you aren't feeling well? The next time you're at the art museum, pick up a few postcards featuring famous art. (Or print some out at home.) Lay the cards around the house... on the coffee table, in a sunny windowsill, or wherever it might be fun to create art... along with a blank piece of paper and a few crayons, colored pencils, or pastels. These invitations have no formal agenda other than to provide inspiration for kids to create whatever they want to!

5. Make some messy art in the shower (while inhaling eucalyptus steam to help those sniffles).

Use bathtub crayons or paints to create a masterpiece on the bathroom wall. While you're in there, add a little steam and some essential oils for help with stuffy noses and bad coughs.

6. Coloring party on the couch

So, all they want to do is watch TV? That's ok! But you can still color a few pretty pieces of art while you're there! Check out this post for some fun coloring book ideas that will introduce kids to amazing art as they color.

7. Play some art games

We love The Art Game. It's best for older elementary kids, but you could simplify it for smaller kids! There are also fun matching games, go fish style games, and other fun interactive activities! Lots of them are available on Amazon, or at your local art store or museum gift shop! I posted a few fun options here.


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