A Sneak Peek Inside The Studio

When I began homeschooling my own kids 6 years ago, I wanted to incorporate an art history element into our curriculum, and I couldn’t find anything that I liked! Everything I came across was either fun, but light on learning, OR really educational, but not very fun!

Having a background in art and art history myself, I decided to create my own lesson plans. 

Homeschool art curriculum that incorporates art appreciation, art history, and hands on art activities!

We had so much fun doing Jackson Pollock inspired drip art, painting flowers like Georgia O’Keeffe, and learning about Andy Warhol as we made our own silkscreens. These lessons quickly became everyone's favorite part of our homeschool routine! I realized that other kids (and moms!) could benefit from these fun projects, too!

And so, Art History Kids was born.

This is really the art history curriculum I was searching for six years ago, and I’m so proud to bring fun and educational activities to your homeschool.

The Studio is Art History Kids monthly membership program. We study a new topic or theme each month, and you get easy to implement lesson plans delivered to you every Monday.

Right now the membership is open for enrollment, so I wanted to give you a quick peek inside, and show you around a little. Watch this video for a tour of the site…

Here's what one member recently wrote:

The Studio is an amazing resource! All month an artist is studied from all different angles. The Studio helps you and your kids dive deep into an artist and their work. I love the connections to other areas of study, like geography, science, and music. The weekly suggestions for art projects adds fun and helps reinforce what we have been learning. The Studio is a fantastic open-and-go resource. It has become a major part of our family’s homeschool.
— Darlene (member since February)

The Studio makes exploring art easy for you and fun for your kids 

Invite your kids to express themselves through art as they learn to think critically about the world around them. Imagine confidently knowing what you'll do next. Imagine the freedom that comes from reclaiming your time, and letting The Studio do all your art lesson planning for you. Imagine effortlessly exploring all kinds of fun art subjects with your kids year-round... and because it's so much fun, it doesn't even feel like school! (But it is.)

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask in the Facebook Group!

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