Picasso Art Projects for Kids

Are you planning to study Pablo Picasso as part of your homeschool art curriculum? I've got some fun ideas to share with you (as well as some really great book suggestions)!

Picasso Art Projects for Kids - Exploring famous artists in your homeschool art curriculum? Find fun Picasso inspired art history activities for kids.

It can be a lot of fun to look at famous artists as part of your homeschool art appreciation study. Picasso is especially fun for kids, because cubism is  kind of like playing with blocks.

When you look at Picasso's work, make sure to mention to your kids that although he's famous for painting in an unconventional way, he was actually classically trained, and was considered an artistic genius as a child. Look at this portrait he painted of his mom when he was only 15!

Portrait of the mother of the artist, 1896

Portrait of the mother of the artist, 1896

I've written about lots of fun books you can read with your kids, found object sculptures you can make to celebrate Earth Day (or any day), and even a fun game you can play at home!

Here are some other ideas to try out:

1. Continuous line drawings

Look at an animal and try to simplify it as much as possible, while still making it recognizable.

Picasso art projects for kids | Pablo Picasso Art Lesson

2. Construct a cardboard instrument

Picasso assembled a guitar out of cardboard, but your kids could create any instrument they'd like. (To make the project a bit easier, you could use cereal box cardboard instead of the thicker variety.)

Guitar, 1914

Guitar, 1914

3. Let the colors tell a story

Picasso is well known for his blue period. But did you know he also had a rose period from 1904-1906? Let your kids explore their emotions through color.

Family Jugglers, 1905

Family Jugglers, 1905

We spent the entire month of June looking at various Picasso portraits in The Studio, and we had SO MUCH FUN!

If you aren't familiar with The Studio, it's the Art History Kids membership where we study a new topic each month, and you get a new lesson plan that's ready to go delivered to you every week. Right now we're open for enrollment, and if you are interested, you can join us here.

You can also use this fun and informative Picasso study guide to dive deep into his amazing painting, Three Musicians.

I hope you have a blast looking through some amazing Picasso art with your kids, exploring the great variety of styles he experimented with throughout his life, and enjoy spending some creativity time together with your kids. 

Let me know what you did for your Picasso study, and how your kids liked it! Don't forget to share photos with us in our amazing Facebook group.

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