The Importance of Art Education (what do kids REALLY learn)

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.
— Sir Ken Robinson, TED talk, 2006
The importance of art education – what do kids really learn? Why you should include art curriculum in your homeschool, and how to effortlessly teach art to your kids.

You're probably already familiar with some of the amazing benefits an art education offers your kids.

  • It helps them with fine motor skills

  • It promotes neural development that facilitates reading and writing

  • It gives them an outlet to explore difficult feelings in a safe environment

These are all wonderful benefits, and even if we just stopped right here, it would be enough to see why art is an important element to include in your kids' education.

Art has been an essential part of countless civilizations dating back to prehistoric times. The emotional and intellectual benefits are clear. Most families really do value the importance of art, and try to incorporate art making and art appreciation with their kids.

But, as our lives become busy and overbooked, art has a tendency to get pushed down the schedule as something we'll get to "if there's time," and when other activities take up the day, it falls off completely.

Even in many schools, art is considered an elective.

Art shouldn't be seen as optional. Art is integral for kids! Let's make it a priority.

Philip Pullman (a best selling author and winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award wrote:

"Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play."

And it's true! When some form of art exploration is consistently included in a child's education, amazing things happen!

  • It encourages a love of beauty, an appreciation for culture, and a respect for creative expression of all kinds (dance, theater, music, etc.)

  • It teaches them observe carefully, analyze what they see, and concisely verbalize their thoughts

  • It helps them to become decisive when taking action

  • It invites them to explore the world beyond their hometown... looking at different countries, communities, and points of view

  • It teaches them to be flexible and try new things when first attempts don't turn out the way they expected

  • It gives them confidence, and a sense of mastery when they create art that expresses their ideas the way they intended

Art empowers kids!

Ready to take your art studies to the next level?

If so, I want to invite you to join Art With Heart Week!

Art with Heart is an interactive, week long workshop that begins on today... and YOU are invited to join. It will only take a few minutes each day, you participate online (in the comfort of your own home), and by Friday you'll have the clarity and direction you've been missing when it comes to adding a meaningful art study to your homeschool.

Throughout the week you will be invited to: 

  • Consider the value of including art in your homeschool, and how easy it is to make time for it

  • Connect with your kids through conversations about art (and other fun topics)

  • Create open ended invitations for them to make art that is meaningful to them

  • Curate a plan that is tailor made for YOUR family, and

  • Cultivate a lifestyle of art exploration with your kids

You'll end the week inspired to include more art (with heart) in your homeschool, and you'll have a simple action plan to infuse your homeschool with creativity!

And, for even more fun...

Invite your friends to join us this week! These workshops are so much more fun when we can bounce ideas off of our friends and learn from each other. Let your friends know about Art with Heart Week, and when 3 of them sign up to join us, you'll get a REALLY fun Art History Play Pack. It features a silly story template (like an art history mad lib), a "fortune teller" you can use to come up with endless art ideas, and a print and go art history scavenger hunt to play at home.

Making art history playful and fun! Make a game out of studying famous artists with your kids.

Once you've signed up, hop into our private Facebook group and introduce yourself! Let's chat about art!

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