The Summer of Art Kickoff

It's almost summertime!

You're probably finishing up your studies for summer, or transitioning to your new summer routine (if you homeschool year-round). Maybe you're realizing you didn't get to all the art activities you had in mind this past year, and you're thinking about how you can incorporate art in an easy yet meaningful way.

Let's chat about it!

The Summer of Art Kickoff delivers five days of videos that will show you exactly how to easily cultivate a more creative lifestyle in your home this summer (and beyond)!

This week I'm posting short and sweet videos each day covering topics that will help you to explore art with your kids this summer!

We'll take a closer look at:

  • How to revitalize your art area and where to focus your funds if you'll be purchasing new materials.
  • How to discuss art with kids! Their art, other people's art, and art that deals with tricky subject matter.
  • How to visit an art museum with your kids – and come home feeling inspired and refreshed (not exhausted and frazzled)!
  • The very best storybooks to read with your kids this summer. (I've got a list you can print out and bring along on your next library trip!)
  • How to bring it all together and establish a routine so you'll do art consistently!
An artist is an explorer.
— Henri Matisse

Ready to join me?  This week is going to be a LOT of fun!

Let's explore the possibilities together with a week of FREE instruction that will inspire you, so you can inspire your kids! I can't wait to get started, and hopefully get to know you a little better in the process. You can join the challenge here, and be sure to join the Art History Kids private Facebook group (also free) so we can connect and chat!