Dada for Daddy – A Father's Day Art Project

Is your dad silly? Funny? Sometimes a little goofy? 

If he is, he will LOVE to get this art project as a Father's Day gift.

Father's Day art project using Dada Art for inspiration

Dada art is fun and wacky. It's about wearing crazy clothes, using unexpected materials, and pushing the limits of what is considered art.

Some artists in the Dada Movement wrote poems by using words they cut from newspapers. They would pull out random words, and create unusual ideas by putting them together.

You can do something similar for your dad!

How to make a Dada project for your Daddy

  • Get a magazine and cut out some words that remind you of your dad. Does he like nature? Golfing? Video Games? Maybe he likes a certain color, or a place. Find some words that describe your dad.
  • Find some pictures of you and your dad, or of some of the things your dad likes. 
  • Find other objects that you can use in your art. Think creatively... if your dad likes to go to the beach, glue a little sand on your art. If he likes a certain food or drink, use the label or packaging in your art. 
  • Once you have all of your objects, decide how big you want your art to be. It can be a huge poster, or a tiny postcard. Do what makes sense for you.
  • Arrange all of the words, images, and items on your page and glue them down.
  • Wait until Father's Day, and present your Dad with your Dada masterpiece.

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