The Four Pillars Of Exploring Art With Your Kids – Part 4

Today I want to share some little tips you can use to make your art studies with your kids more enjoyable and more effective. There is so much confusion around how to approach art, what to study, how to introduce it, and a million other questions moms have when they begin to think about studying art history with their kids. Let's put those worries to rest, and start exploring art with ease and confidence!

Ideas for exploring art with your kids at home. How to promote curiosity and critical thinking in your homeschool art curriculum.

I’ve come up with a simple system I like to follow when I’m exploring art with my own kids, and I use it as the foundation for everything I create at Art History Kids as well.

I call it the 4 pillars because I like to think of it visually as 4 elements that all work together to make the structure (in this case art education) more stable, and more solid.

The 4 pillars are:

  1. observation and conversation
  2. open ended project ideas
  3. a process oriented mindset
  4. curiosity and critical thinking

Today we’ll be focusing on #4 - curiosity and critical thinking...

Try it out the next time you’re studying art together! It’s really an amazingly simple shift, but one that’s so incredibly powerful.

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