Observe | Discuss | Connect | Create – A step by step guide to exploring art history with kids

You don't need to be creative, or have a background in painting, sculpting, or drawing to give your kids a great art history education... you don't even need to know anything about art!

This formula makes it easy to introduce your kids to art history!

A step by step guide to introducing kids to art history! Includes a free Monet guide to get you started!

The first step is to decide what you'll study... maybe an artist, maybe a time period, maybe the art from a specific geographic region. Do a little research, and get ready for a fun exploration with your kids. Once you know what you'll be learning about you can dive in and...


Begin by simply looking at the art with your kids. Carefully. Take your time and let your child come to their own conclusions and discoveries before you let them in on any info you may know about the art. Next...


Guide your kids in a discussion of the art through open ended questions that will allow them to comet to their own conclusions. After they seem to be done talking, you can offer up some information you may have learned about the art through your research.


Learn how this art relates to literature, math, science, music, geography, politics, social events, and more.


Invite your kids to create a project in a similar style, or covering a similar subject. I LOVE projects that are open ended. This means there are multiple ways for a child to interpret the idea, and multiple ways for them to proceed. Ideally, if you give an open ended project prompt to 30 kids, you'll end up with 30 totally unique and different works of art.


Kids will remember when they are reminded. Bring it up in casual conversation if you see something similar to what you studied.


Learning about art and art history is a never ending spiral. Just start with one or two things, and over time you can come back and learn one more thing at a time. Some topics will interest your kids so much that they'll dive in and be totally engaged. Other times, they may not connect immediately with the style or artist, but may be interested later when studying a different related topic. You can always come back and learn more. That's the beauty of learning... it's an ongoing process that has no end.

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Fun and free Monet Guide for studying Impressionism with kids.

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