Top Ten Art History Storybooks for Kids

I love a good art history storybook. They are a great way to introduce young kids to famous artists, and get them to know the iconic legends as just regular people. The books on this list are sure to inspire your young artists to create their own masterpieces!

1. Matisse The King of Color by Laurence Anholt

Try cutting your own Matisse inspired paper shapes, and arranging them on a large sheet of paper!

2. Me, Frida by Amy Novesky and David Diaz

Invite kids to paint their own self portrait like Frida.

3. The Cat and the Bird: A Children's Book Inspired by Paul Klee by Géraldine Elschner

Kids can make their own geometric cityscape with blocks, or with paints!

4. The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art by Barb Rosenstock

Put on some music and see what kind of painting it inspire.

5. Action Jackson by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

Make a mess! Kids can create their own drip paintings.

6. My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait by Jeanette Winter

Look close up at a flower, and then paint it.


7. Sandy's Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder by Tanya Lee Stone

Use found objects to create some unusual art.

8. Suzette and the Puppy : A Story About Mary Cassatt by Joan Sweeney

Have kids take turns painting each other, and if you have a family pet, be sure to get them in the portrait as well!

9. Picasso and the Girl With the Ponytail by Laurence Anholt

Create some cubist art.

10. Uncle Andy's: A Faabbbulous Visit with Andy Warhol by James Warhola

Try out a pop art project like this one.

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