Exploring Colors and Emotions in Paintings

Feelings are a big deal when you're little. There are lots and lots of fantastic storybooks guiding kids through their emotions, and helping them to express their feelings through words.

Another way to do this is through art!

Take a look at some of Picasso's paintings that he created during his blue period. Start a conversation with your kids about how the artist may have been feeling when he painted them, and see what they say. Have your kids jot down a few words that describe how the blue art makes them feel in the Printable Download that goes along with this activity.

Now take a look at this, and ask your kids how it makes them feel.

Art history unit study for kids exploring emotions through the use of color. Click the link to read the post.

The abstract expressionist paintings of Mark Rothko are meant to make you feel completely emersed in the color (in this case red/orange). If you live near an art museum that has a Rothko on display, I highly recommend going to see it in person. When you stand in front of his oversized art, and experience the color as it washes over you, it really is breathtaking, and something you can't really get from looking at an art history book.

Ok, let's do one more

Take a look at this Monet painting, and have your kids record their impressions, feelings, and thoughts. 

There really is no right or wrong here. It's simply an exercise to introduce the idea of colors having an impact on our mood, and affecting the way we feel. Different children may have different responses to the same color, and that's totally fine. It would actually make the discussion that much richer and more interesting!

Art history unit study for kids exploring emotions through the use of color. Click the link to read the post.

Now it's your turn!

The next time your kids seem to be going through an emotional time, or are having a hard time expressing themselves in words, you can turn to art to sort through some of those feelings and get a little clarity.

In a future blog post, we'll go deeper into the psychology of how colors usually effect our moods, but if you're interested in learning a little more about this now, I found this fun infographic on Pinterest.

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