Frieze Tag– a fun art history game for kids to celebrate the summer olympics

Are your kids excited for the summer olympics? 

This fun activity will get everyone in the olympic spirit... they'll get active and have some fun as they learn about the origins of the olympic games.

The ancient olympic games began in 776BC in Greece. 

Greece is home to some amazing architecture and art, and many ancient Greek buildings incorporate art as elements in the design. One really interesting design element is a long narrow sculpture that runs along the outside of the building near the roof, and in addition to being pretty, it also tells a historical or mythological story.

It's called a frieze (pronounced freeze).

How to play Frieze Tag

To play frieze tag, start by introducing your kids to this sculptural element, and explain how the olympics began in Greece. If they've ever played freeze tag before, just tell them it's exactly the same, with one important exception... when you are tagged and you freeze, you have to pose your body in a dramatic way, and pretend you are part of a frieze sculpture.

If your kids have never played freeze tag, you can find the complete instructions here.

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