Frida Kahlo for Kids: Dress up and paint self portraits

Self portraits are a really fun project to do with kids... especially when your are referencing the spectacularly stylish Frida Kahlo for inspiration. 

She was her own best subject, as she suffered from health problems that often kept her confined to her home. Each self portrait she created reveals a new idea, a new layer to her thoughts, and an artistic flair that was all her own.

Fashionable Frida

She was well known for her use of bold and vibrant colors, and her self assured and confident style. She was (and still is) a fashion icon, and she artistically decorated herself as if she was the canvas.

You can see a collection of her art and photographs that show off her fabulous fashion. There's also a collection of paper flower tutorials, if you're feeling crafty and want to create your own beautiful floral headbands. 

Once you've been inspired it's time to create your own masterpiece! 

Frida Kahlo for kids. Art history project including a self portrait and a free printable.

Now for the fun part... have your kids play dress up. The more ornate, decorative, and over the top– the better! Go wild! Ask them to express their creativity through their clothing, just like Frida.

Then ask them to paint themselves.

Paining a self portrait is a really important exercise for all artists, but young children really benefit from the activity. It's a great way to practice observation skills, to get a little bit introspective, and then make some creative choices about how to express it all on paper.

Some book recommendations to further your exploration

Frida Kahlo (Little People, Big Dreams)
By Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Gee Fan Eng
Who Was Frida Kahlo?
By Sarah Fabiny
Me, Frida
By Amy Novesky

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