Artsy Quotes to Inspire Creativity

Quotes are an endless source of creative inspiration! I like to keep a collection on pinterest, and I have a few pages bookmarked that I return to from time to time when I need a little perspective, or a spark to jumpstart a new project. 

I have favorite quotes for so many different reasons...


They help us to connect to artists as people.


Art History for Kids. Picasso Quote.



They give us an intimate glimpse into their thoughts.


Art History for Kids. Degas Quote.


They remind us of things we'd forgotten.


Art History for Kids. Andy Warhol Quote.



And they teach us things we've never known.

Art History for Kids. Leonardo da Vinci Quote.




They give us perspective.


Art History for Kids. Chegall Quote.



Keep us focused.


Art History for Kids. Jackson Pollock Quote.



And help us to dream.


Art History for Kids. Vincent van Gogh Quote.


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Let's connect!

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