Mother's Day with Mary Cassatt

Celebrate Mother's Day with this fun and heartwarming project inspired by the art of Mary Cassatt. 

Spend some time together this Mother's Day doing this fun art project inspired by Mary Cassatt! Kids will read (or hear) about her art and life, and then paint a memory of their most loving time together with their Mom. Includes a fun FREE printable interview to keep with the painting. It would be a great art lesson to repeat each year, and have a whole collection of them later on!

Mary Cassatt was an American Impressionist painter, but she lived in France for much of her life. She lived in a time (1844-1926) when it was unusual for a woman to become famous for her paintings (although there were many talented women artists at the time). It was also unusual for a women to have a profession instead of staying home with her family. In fact, Mary Cassatt chose painting over family, she was never married, and never had children of her own. 

I am independent! I can live alone and I love to work.
— Mary Cassatt

The main subject of her paintings were children, sometimes alone and sometimes with their mothers. She  had a gift for capturing the unspoken love in the mother-child relationship in her paintings, which makes her a fantastic artist to explore this time of year!

Together with your child(ren) look at some of the paintings of Mary Cassatt. (Click the image for more.)

Then think about all the time you two spend together. You can download a printable interview in the Resource Library to get some ideas started, and once you decide on a scene to paint, break out the art supplies and start painting! You could even repeat this exercise each year, and over time you'll have a really fun collection of paintings and interviews to look back on.

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Here are a few of my favorite Mary Cassatt books for kids...

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