STEAM Dancers and Degas Unit Study

I love it when I see a fun science project that relates to art history, so I was really excited to find a great (and relatively simple) lesson while I was on Pinterest this weekend. Ana at Babble Dabble Do shows how to make the most amazing STEAM project— tiny dancers!

Making connections

I immediately thought how fun it would be to incorporate a little Degas unit study with this project. Take a look at this Degas sculpture, and let's find some similarities between his art and this project.

Degas Art History for Kids with STEAM project.

About Degas

Degas is famous for his paintings and sculptures of ballerinas. He did a series of metal sculptures with fabric details, like this one. This goes along perfectly with the idea of making a metal wire sculpture with a little skirt detail (like in the STEAM project).

Explore art history with your kids through this mini lesson on Degas ballerina sculptures, and make your own tiny dancers with a fun hands on STEAM project!

The Project

After making your own tiny dancers, you could take a look at some of Degas' work, discuss the idea of movement in his art, note the similarities in the materials used in your STEAM project and the Degas sculpture, and then sketch or paint what you see when you watch your tiny dancer move about the table.

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Let's Connect!

Do you have a ballerina in your house who loves Degas? Did you make this project? Let me know how you liked it! Leave me a comment below, or find me on social media.