3 Great Art History Books for Kinesthetic Learners

Learning Style Matters

I learned fairly early in my homeschooling days that if I could cater projects to my children's different learning styles, we learned more in less time, and had waaaaaaay more fun doing it.

This is the magic of using your children's learning style to their (and your) advantage.

Everyone learns differently, but toddlers and early elementary students most likely have a strong kinesthetic element to their learning style. That's just the developmental stage they're in. They are doers. If they can get their hands in it, they are physically engaged with it and more likely to remember and better understand any concepts that may be involved with the project.

Three Great Books

Here are three of my favorite Art History books that encourage activity, movement, and are PERFECT for kinesthetic learners.

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Action Jackson
By Jan Greenberg, Sandra Jordan

Now it's your turn

You can find these books in most public libraries to see how you like them, and if they become family favorites for you (like they are in our house) you can get a copy for your home art history book collection. I think you'll really LOVE exploring these 3 great artists along with your kids, and then bringing the love of art history home with some fun and informal hands on kinesthetic art projects of your own.

  • Take the paints outside and make a drip painting (like Jackson Pollock).
  • Set out some construction paper and scissors, and see what they come up with (like Matisse).
  • Have your kids take turns dancing while the other one paints the movement they see (like Degas).

Let's Connect!

Let me know how you and your kids liked these projects and books! I love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below, find me on social media or send me an email.