7 No-Prep Art History Activities

Sometimes you have lots and lots of time to think about, plan, and prep for amazing art history projects you want to do with your kids.

And... sometimes you don't.

Use this list to help you fit in a little art history even when you don't have time to plan and prep.

1. Play a game!

There are so many amazing art history games out there, and the playful element of games really helps kids to internalize and remember things about the art and artists. The next time you're out at a museum, check out the gift shop for great games. There are tons of them out there, so look online to find fun things that will interest your kids, and then stash them away in a closet and bring them out as a fun surprise! 

2. Spontaneous museum day.

Museum trips don't need to be planned and scheduled. You can just go! Learn on the fly, and don't be afraid to ask the museum staff if your kids have questions about the art. They are there to share what they know! A spontaneous museum day with no agenda, no plan, and no "lesson" attached to it might end up being the most relaxed, memorable, and fun one yet! 

3. Play dress up.

Here is the fun thing about dress up. It's a great exercise in creativity when you limit yourself to using what you already have (or what you can easily make). You might be surprised at how industrious your kids get when they try to recreate a famous painting using only what's already in the house. Pick a random painting, and go to town! And don't forget to take lots of pictures to share on Instagram with our hashtag #arthistorykids.

4. Discuss artists quotes.

Maybe your kids don't feel like doing art one day. That's ok! Have a discussion instead. You can start with these quotes to inspire some interesting conversations with your kids about art, artists, and any other related topic that interests them. (For extra credit, use puppets like these and do a little artist roll playing!)

7 no prep art activities you can do with your kids anytime!

5. Cut Matisse Shapes.

All you need for this one are a pair of kid safe scissors and construction paper. It's a great project to use up little extra scraps of construction paper you may have laying around from other projects.

6. Break out the coloring books. 

Never underestimate the power of a great coloring book.

7. Paint a snuggly kid and mom self portrait.

Mary Cassatt is known for her cozy portraits of mothers and children. Have a snuggly time with your little one, and then invite them to paint the two of you together. (Snap a quick selfie together if they like to look at reference as they paint!

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