Art Supplies for Kids – How to use watercolor pencils

Have you ever tried watercolor pencils?

We discovered them last year and they have become one of our go-to favorites! They are portable, vibrant, and provide lots of fun options for little artists. We're totally in LOVE!

But, wasn't love at first sight... I learned the hard way that not all watercolor pencils are so user friendly.

We haven't tried them all, but these are our current favorites. I'd definitely recommend going to an art store in person to try a few out rather than buying them online. 

When shopping for watercolor pencils you'll want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Would you rather buy a set with several pre-selected colors, or choose your own range of colors?

  • If you're sticking to a budget, I'd recommend getting fewer colors of a high quality brand, rather than a larger set of a budget brand. For lots of art supplies, budget brands are just as good as the expensive version, but with watercolor pencils, the less expensive ones can be challenging to work with, and frustrating for young artists.

  • If you'll be taking them out a lot, get a protective case for traveling. You can make one yourself by adding a little bit of foam or other soft material to the inside edge of a regular pencil case. You'll just want to protect the tips from getting damaged in transit.

How to use watercolor pencils

Start by experimenting! Just get out your watercolor pencils and paper and have your kids see what they can do. Blend the colors using a paintbrush or a q-tip. See how the painting changes when you draw with less pressure... more pressure. See how they work on different types of paper. Then start adding water. Try using different brushes, vary the amount of water, and even try drawing on watercolor paper you've run under some water for a dreamy effect!

Homeschool Art that can go anywhere with you! How to use watercolor pencils for art on the go with kids.

Where to use watercolor pencils 

Nature Study – Nature journaling is about to get amazing! Give your kids watercolor pencils for nature sketches on your next hike or trip to the beach.

Travel Art – The next time you head out of town, take along your watercolor pencils, and invite your kids to keep a travel journal of all the amazing things they see!

The Museum – Try taking your new watercolor pencils along on your next trip to the museum (if your museum says it's ok). We love to draw at the museum, and then add water to create instant paintings once we're back at home.

Homeschool Art that can go anywhere with you! How to use watercolor pencils for art on the go with kids.

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