A Polka Dot Pumpkin Party with Yayoi Kusama!

Fall has arrived, and there are so many amazing seasonal art activities to explore!

Why not link art history into the fun?

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Art Fall Art Projects for Kids

Last year I wrote about some fun art history themed pumpkin ideas.

This year, I’ve created something totally new and I’m very excited to invite your family to join me for a workshop course all about Yayoi Kusama and her whimsical polka dot pumpkins!

Yayoi Kusama has been creating sensational sculptures and inviting environments for decades. She’s known around the world as the ‘Princess of Polka Dots.’

During the workshop we’ll dive deep into Yayoi‘s background and her art career, and we’ll focus on her wonderful polka dot pumpkins. Once your kids have learned all about the art and artist, they will be invited to create their own open-ended art!

This workshop course includes:

  • a series of short kid-friendly pre-recorded video lessons (watch them when it’s convenient for you, and go at your own pace!)

  • a PDF workshop/activity guide

  • a pop-up Facebook group where we can get together and chat about Yayoi all month (Oct 1-31)

  • a live art show hosted on Zoom- kids are invited to come on video during a fun virtual get together on November 1.

During this workshop your kids will:

  1. Learn all about Yayoi Kusama – we’ll discover the story of her life and learn the reason behind her fascination with dots!

  2. Explore her artwork– we’ll look at her art together and your kids can make notes about their observations.

  3. Learn about the elements and principles of art Yayoi uses in her artwork, and connect her art to other subjects!

  4. Create their own Yayoi Kusama inspired pumpkin art!

The class will be released on October 11, and when you enroll before October 10, you’ll save 20% with early bird pricing. Your enrollment covers all of the kids in your household.

Make your October art explorations fun and meaningful as you invite your kids to discover an amazing artist and her work.

Don’t worry if…

  • you don't know anything about art yourself. (All of the learning is done via kid-friendly videos… you can learn right alongside your kids!)

  • you don't have a lot of art supplies. (There will be multiple project suggestions, and the simplest one can be done with construction paper and crayons!)

  • you have a busy schedule in October. (Once the class is released on October 11, you can go through it at your own pace. Plus, you get lifetime access… come back again next year and make it a family tradition!)

I’m excited to introduce your kids to the legendary Yayoi Kusama. If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to email me or ask in our free Facebook group!

Wishing you a wonderful October full of art and fun!