The Importance of Art for Kids

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.
— Sir Ken Robinson, TED talk, 2006
The importance of art education – what do kids really learn? Why you should include art curriculum in your homeschool, and how to effortlessly teach art to your kids.

You're probably already familiar with some of the amazing benefits an art education offers your kids.

  • It helps them with fine motor skills

  • It promotes neural development that facilitates reading and writing

  • It gives them an outlet to explore difficult feelings in a safe environment

These are all wonderful benefits, and even if we just stopped right here, it would be enough to see why art is an important element to include in your kids' education.

Art has been an essential part of countless civilizations dating back to prehistoric times. The emotional and intellectual benefits are clear. Most families really do value the importance of art, and try to incorporate art making and art appreciation with their kids.

But, as our lives become busy and overbooked, art has a tendency to get pushed down the schedule as something we'll get to "if there's time," and when other activities take up the day, it falls off completely.

Even in many schools, art is considered an elective.

Art shouldn't be seen as optional. Art is integral for kids! Let's make it a priority.

Philip Pullman (a best selling author and winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award wrote:

"Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play."

And it's true! When some form of art exploration is consistently included in a child's education, amazing things happen!

  • It encourages a love of beauty, an appreciation for culture, and a respect for creative expression of all kinds (dance, theater, music, etc.)

  • It teaches them observe carefully, analyze what they see, and concisely verbalize their thoughts

  • It helps them to become decisive when taking action

  • It invites them to explore the world beyond their hometown... looking at different countries, communities, and points of view

  • It teaches them to be flexible and try new things when first attempts don't turn out the way they expected

  • It gives them confidence, and a sense of mastery when they create art that expresses their ideas the way they intended

Art empowers kids!

Take your art studies to the next level!

Maybe you’ve been wanting to add more art to your day, but...

  • you consider yourself to be ‘creatively challenged’ because don't have a background in art, and you don't feel confident teaching your kids about it.

  • you need an art curriculum that will work for multiple ages and different skill levels.

  • you worry that you won't have time to include art in your schedule, you don’t have enough art supplies, or you think it will be too messy.I want to invite you to join The Studio!

You are not alone! But, with a little help, you can confidently and effortlessly introduce your children (of different ages and skill levels) to amazing art each month… even if you don't have a lot of time, a degree in art history, or a fully stocked art room at home! The Studio allows busy (and non-artsy) families to have SO MUCH FUN exploring art together!

The Studio is a monthly membership that introduces you and your kids to a new art history topic each month – and invites kids to explore their own creativity through open-ended hands-on activities!

The Membership Works Like This: you get…

  1. A new fun theme to explore each month. Every month, we'll follow the same blueprint.

    • Week 1- Introduction and overview

    • Week 2- Going deeper (focus on one aspect of the art)

    • Week 3- Connecting the dots (relating it to other subjects)

    • Week 4- Review and explore more

  2. Easy to follow lesson plans delivered each Monday. Begin your week with creativity! It's effortless with lesson plans from The Studio greeting you each Monday morning. You'll practice the art of conversation with pre-planned discussion guides and chat prompts that will lead you in some great art talks with your kids. Never wonder which book to read! Book lists are all researched for you. And, your kids will love the open-ended project ideas every week. They're always process-oriented, so the artistic journey is more important than the destination. Finally, you'll learn to implement The One Thing Theory. It's my secret trick that banishes homeschool overwhelm for good!

  3. Access to three months of past lessons. When you join, there will be 3 months of previous activities waiting for you in addition to the current month's topic.

  4. Extra archived bundles. Each month you'll be able to download one of the older lessons from previous months in the membership. We've been studying art for 19 months, so there are lots of fun subjects waiting for you.

  5. Personalized feedback from me. Email me any time. I'll usually get back to you the same day.

It’s back-to-school bonus time!

Enrollment Closes On Sept. 25

And As A Back-To-School Bonus, You'll Get Some Fun Extras When You Join This Month!

Once you've signed up, hop into our private Facebook group and introduce yourself! Let's chat about art!

art appreciation for kids
  1. Making Art Meaningful: a course for parents. This online course walks you through the basics of teaching art in a way that encourages creativity and critical thinking.

  2. A coupon for you to download two archived lessons! In the membership, you'll always have access to the current month and the past 3 months of lessons, but older months are retired. Join this month to receive codes to unlock two extra month-long lessons!

  3. A set of 5 artist quotes you can print out and display in your creative area.

These bonuses will help you start the school year with confidence, inspiration, and FUN!

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