Let’s plan a year of inspiring art activities!


I'm so excited to share the 2019 art planner with you. Making art a regular part of your homeschool is so rewarding, and just a little prep work on your part will provide your kids with so much creativity and inspiration over the next few months.

This guide walks you through everything... step-by-step. Grab your coffee and a handful of colorful markers, put on your favorite music and get comfy in your favorite chair. This is going to be a fun planning session!


If you have questions along the way, you are not alone!

  • Throughout January, I'll be hosting live Masterpiece Mindset workshops that will dive deeper into lots of different aspects of art education. (Keep an eye on your email for announcements about when the workshops will be held, and be sure to join the facebook group so you'll get notifications when I'm live!)

  • Sometimes, there's no need to re-invent the wheel! If you start planning, and you realize you just don't have time to figure it all out yourself, Art History Kids can help.

    • Check out the Modern Art Guides,

    • or join The Studio waitlist! Enrollment is opening very soon, and if you're on the waitlist you'll get an opportunity to join early and a fun bonus!