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I'm so excited you're here! Here's how you can get started:

  • First, take the quiz to discover your study style. You'll either be a Van Gogh, a Frida, or a Picasso. Remember your answer because in a few days I'll have a fun planner to go along with your study style.
  • Next, download and print out your roadmap. This worksheet will be your central place for taking notes and making plans over the next few days.
  • Finally, if you're new to Art History Kids, make sure to come introduce yourself in our Facebook Group. I can't wait to meet you!

Day 1

Let's begin with the end in mind. Consider how your kids like to make art. What is your homeschool style in general? What do you hope to accompllish with your art explorations? Everyone's answers will be different, and there is no right or wrong. These questions will lead you in the right direction as we start mapping out your year.


Day 2

Create an inspired space. Today we'll plan out where your kids will make art and explore art appreciation. It could be as simple as a basket of library books in the dining room, or you might create a big art studio! There are unlimited options, and the one you start with can grow and change throughout the year. Let's plan out a space your kids will love!


Day 3

The art of conversation is often overlooked, but it's vital to a well-rounded study plan. Plus, it's FUN to talk with kids about art! They have such amazing insights to offer, and a unique perspective. Today let's chat about some best practices for talking with kids about art.


Day 4

Exploring unexpected connections. It's what sets a good art plan apart from a GREAT one. Art history relates to everything else. Math. Science. Music. Geography. Politics. Literature. The list goes on and on. Today we'll explore some simple and effective ways to take your art studies to the next level by connecting it with other subjects.


Day 5

Make it a lifestyle! Now that you have the roadmap in front of you, it's easy to see why you're studying art, where you'll make it happen, how you can talk about art and explore art in connection with other subjects. All that's left is to decide WHAT you'll study. Remember that quiz you took when the challenge began? I've got a study plan for you based on how you answered those questions! Download your guide and see what you think! Do you have other ideas? Go for it! The art and artists you study are almost secondary. The most important thing is HOW you study art, and your commitment to making it a regular part of your homeschool.

Plan a year of inspiring and engaging art appreciation!

Click an image below to see a suggested study plan based on the answers to your quiz!