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Here are some main points to convey:

What Is The Studio?

The Studio is Art History Kids monthly membership that introduces you and your kids to a new (super fun and engaging) art history topic each month, and invites kids to explore their own creativity through curiosity based conversation and open-ended hands-on activities!

It’s your own personal guided tour – showing you the art history topics that are most interesting to kids, pointing out the highlights of the art, and providing you with fun project ideas – each and every week.

It allows busy (and non-artsy) families to have SO MUCH FUN exploring art together!

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside The Studio

You get a new fun topic to explore each month, broken down into weekly lessons that you and your kids will LOVE.

The activities are completely adaptable to fit your needs. You can spend as much or as little time on them as you like. Work on art each week for 30 minutes, or block out a full day (or two) at the end of the month to hold an in-home art workshop for your kids. The Studio works perfectly with your schedule, and is tailor made for your homeschool lifestyle.