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You don't need to have a degree in art or education, or be a artsy parent to enjoy playful learning alongside your child. Art History Kids projects are simple, informative and fun! You'll just need basic art supplies (that you probably already have). I'll provide easy to follow directions and age appropriate introductions to artists, art movements, and different styles of art.

A childhood full of art exploration is not only fun, it can also assist in emotional and academic development. Exploring the historical context behind the art you're making can inspire children to connect art with the real people who made it, the part of the world they lived in, and the time in history they were alive.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making colorful memories together today! 

about Lotus

Lotus Stewart  || homeschooling mom | graphic designer | art history enthusiast

Lotus Stewart || homeschooling mom | graphic designer | art history enthusiast

In case we haven't officially met, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Lotus. :)

I am a homeschool mom to a 3rd grader and 5th grader, we live in the Los Angeles area, and over the past 5 years, we've been using art history as the central theme in our homeschool.

We've had so much fun on our art adventures, I wanted to share our ideas with other homeschool moms, co-op leaders, and classroom teachers like YOU... and so, Art History Kids was born.

When I started Art History Kids, my son was in kindergarten. As a first-year homeschooling mom, I was searching online for an art history curriculum to supplement the all-inclusive curriculum we were using for our other subjects. Our curriculum had lots of art activities, but no art appreciation, and no art history. 

I’d alredy been taking our kids to art museums since they were babies... but the trips were informal and casual– we’d just go and look. It was purely for fun, and there was no agenda, no "lesson," and no discussion outside of me answering their questions. 

Once he started kindergarten, I wanted my son to begin to think about the things we’d already seen together, and to do some hands-on activities that would get him involved in a kinesthetic way and help him  to remember the things we were discussing.

As hard as I looked… I couldn’t find any good art history studies for kids his age that I liked. 

What I did find was either:

  1. Way too simplified (introducing the artist at a level that was so basic, all of the meaningful information about their art was completely lost.) Or...

  2. Totally boring. Like, I'm talking about lesson plans that were supposedly for early elementary, but read like college book reports. Not something my son (or I) would be inspired by.

All I wanted was something that would help to introduce an artist in a fun way that was also somewhat educational... and I couldn't find it.

So, since there didn’t seem to be any resources to help guide kids through the magnificent world of art history that were informational and engaging... I decided I’d create one. 

I'm passionate about finding fun new ways to support young artists and to get kids who are new to art history super excited about the fascinating personalities of the artists, and all of the interesting art out there for us to discover and explore.

My background helps me to combine the elements of learning and fun! I have a degree from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena (giving me insights into the endlessly fascinating world of art history), and I've homeschooled our 2 kids for the past 5 years (giving me the real-world experience of knowing how to introduce art with a kid-friendly tone and meaningful content balance that is so important in getting kids engaged, involved, and eager for more!

Art History Kids mission is simple: to introduce kids to art, invite them to come to their own conclusions, and encourage them to tap into their own individual creativity as they make art.



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