Hi! I'm so happy you're here, and I can't wait to show you all of the fun that's waiting for you inside the membership site. This week-long introduction to The Studio is designed to help set you up for success! Feel free to apply the ideas day by day, or go faster/slower to fit your schedule. 


Welcome to The Studio!

Now that enrollment has closed, I wanted to show you around a little bit more, and point you to some blog posts that will help you transform your home into a place that inspires creativity! If you feel like you're ready to dive right in, feel free to skip Welcome Week, and join us in our current monthly lesson, or search the archives to explore a previous month's lesson. As always, I am here for you every step of the way. Please email me any time with questions or suggestions!

Today you can...

  • Set up an art area for your kids. Even if it's just rearranging what you already have to make it more inviting.
  • Set your schedule. Decide how you'll fit art into your regular routine. Short sessions each day? One focused day per week? Or a block of a few days each month to really dive deep and approach art as a unit study? There's no right or wrong!

A Guided Tour of the members area

Today let's look around the site, and explore all of the different areas!

Today you can...

  • Look around the main member's area. (It's the main portal, and a good page to bookmark.)
  • Check out the welcome area where you can watch a video of me showing you around the site.
  • Explore the gallery where we display student work (just email me a snapshot anytime and I'll add it).
  • Browse The Studio – it's where we keep all the lesson plans. New plans are added each Monday, and you can scroll down to see previous lessons.

Today you can...

  • Look for Art Express in the weekly lesson plans! We used to have only one version of the project each week, but some members found that they didn't have time to complete the activity. Now there's a "quick" version of the activity in each week's lesson plan.
  • Check out the calendar in the main member's area for fun dates to remember, artist's birthdays to celebrate, and more!
  • Find video tutorials (it's brand new, but more are coming soon). A few other coming attractions to look for– planning pages and a timeline of what we've studied are both in the works and will be added to the member's area soon!

Site Details that are fun to explore

Your feedback helps shape The Studio! Let's look at a few recently added features that were requested by members like you. Once you begin using the site, let me know if you have an idea to make things better! I love adding new elements that help make it easier for you to explore art with your kids.





Today you can...

  • Email me if you have a question or comment.
  • Remember to send in your kids art so we can display it in the gallery.
  • Check out the "manage your account settings" area. You can find a button at the top of the main member's area, and it takes you to a dashboard where you can easily upgrade/downgrade your membership, or change your billing information.

Getting Support

This membership is YOUR "guided tour" through art history. One of the best things about a guided tour at a museum is that you can ask questions as they come up, and curate a tour that is tailor made just for you. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this: Would you like a place (like a private FB group or similar forum) where you could connect with other members? If so, let me know and I'll set something up!


Today you can...

  • Check out this blog post about storing art. It recommends a few great apps in case you're interested in taking photos and storing them digitally, as well as fun ideas for displaying art in your home, and repurposing art into new things!

Ways to organize all of their art

Now that your kids are making art more regularly, you may find that you soon have LOTS of art to store. I suggest you start a portfolio or designate a bin of some kind to keep everything organized. (I especially love the bins that slide under the bed because they are large and flat).

next week.jpg

Today you can...

  • Decide if you'll...
    • take an extra week to get set up, and join us on Week 1 of our next unit, 
    • jump right in with us and join the lesson where we are now, or
    • do a mini-version of a previous lesson. Go through each week of a four week lesson in the archives, but speed things up a little so you'll finish by the end of the month. If you choose this option, I recommend you follow this outline:
      • choose a lesson from the archives and have a conversation
      • invite your kids to create some open ended art
      • explore one or two connections to other subjects
      • introduce your kids to the "one thing theory"
      • wrap up the week with a quick review and a discussion of the artist's quote. (A printable quote is included each month in Week 4.)


Getting set up

Since we are right in the middle of this month's lesson, you have a few different options for how you can use your time. I wanted to mention a few quick tips for making the most of your art studies.

  1. When having conversations about art with your kids, make sure you let them lead the discussion. You can guide it a little by asking open ended questions, but always begin by letting them explain what they see in the art, and what it makes them think about or how it makes them feel.
  2. When you invite your kids to create art, make sure to keep it open ended. I'll suggest a prompt each week to get things started, but kids should feel free to do whatever they are inspired to do. Maybe it's (seemingly) totally unrelated to the topic, but that's ok. Open ended art is a million times more valuable than art activities that have guidelines and rules.
  3. The One Thing Theory is something we do each month during the final week. It's a time for kids to look back on everything you've talked about and created during the month. Ask your kids what's the one thing they found most interesting, most surprising, or most amazing about the art or the artist. They can write down a word, a few sentences, a whole paragraph, or even draw a picture of what they liked best.

Have fun, and enjoy this creative time with your kids. I can't wait to see their art!