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Each month we'll explore a new topic or theme related to art history. The theme will continue for 4-5 weeks, and you'll receive an email every Monday with a link to that week's information and project. You'll have a complete, easy to follow blueprint to guide you every step of the way. The activities are open ended, and you can spend as much or as little time on them as you like. It's all up to you and your kids. The Studio works perfectly with your schedule, and is tailor made for your homeschool lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Lotus... and I'll be your guide on this tour!

 I have a degree in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, but Art History has always been my secret passion. When I started homeschooling my own kids 6 years ago, I realized how fun Art History is with little kids! But when I tried to find some lesson plans for us to follow, everything was either too easy, or kind of boring. So, I created Art History Kids, and here we are today. I know first hand (from my formal education as well as countless hours in museums) all about the amazing world of art history, and I also know first hand all about the even more amazing world of homeschooling. It gives me endless joy to find new and fun ways to bring those two worlds together in a way that is both educational and engaging.

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Our Blueprint for creative exploration

Each month we'll learn about new artists, art movements, and masterpieces, but we'll continue to follow the same blueprint. We'll explore together, step-by-step, as we practice our observational skills, master the art of conversation, create amazing projects, learn how art is connected to other areas of study, and focus in on one thing we'll remember from our journey. I'll be your guide as we cover each objective, and I'm always here to offer additional support whenever you need it. You have access to my VIP email inbox:


Some extra tips to make the most of your membership:

  • You may like to print each week's lesson, and save them together in a binder, or just download them and put them in a folder on your computer. 
  • If your kids like to work in a notebook, you can purchase a spiral bound mixed medium sketchbook at your local art store or online. I find that 9x12 is a good size for most kids, but if your child likes to work bigger or smaller, it's totally up to them.
  • If they prefer to do their art one piece at a time (not in a bound notebook), consider getting a plastic bin with a lid where you can store their art.
  • If you need some ideas for setting up an art space, see this post.
  • Don't forget to submit photos of your kids work so we can fill up the Gallery page of the membership site! It's always a lot of fun to see how each child creates something totally individual and unique! 
There is beauty in everything, Just not everybody sees it.
— Andy Warhol

The Art History Kids Philosophy

The Studio activities will always follow the Art History Kids philosophy.

  • We focus on the process more than the end result.
  • We value the creativity that open ended projects inspire.
  • We connect all of our learning to other areas of study... and more!

Click the button to print the Art History Kids philosophy for your creative space at home!