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Your kids will have a blast learning the fundamentals of art as they meet some of history's most legendary artists. Kids will carefully consider these masterpieces through a series of guided discussion questions, explore art concepts that go along with the painting/sculpture/drawing, and participate in open ended projects that connect them with their own creativity. 

No art experience (from them or from you) is necessary, and you can complete everything using basic art supplies that you likely already have at home.

Wondering what an Art History Kids Guide looks like on the inside? Download a sample guide for free!


Explore movement and color as you and your child learn about Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night, and the dramatic Post-Impressionist movement in art.

This van Gogh guide focuses on color and movement. Kids will be introduced to the artistic (and scientific) topic of luminance. Although it might sound like an advanced concept, all of the ideas in the guide are presented in easy to understand language, and will make perfect sense when explained in the context of the art.

This guide is an instant download. No physical product will be sent to you, but immediately after you complete your purchase, you'll have instant access to a high resolution PDF file you can print at home (or at your local copy center), or follow along on your computer, tablet, or phone. The full color guide is 10 pages in length, and takes most families 2-4 weeks to complete (when working on it 2-3 days a week for 15-45 minutes). This is a perfect solution for a homeschool art curriculum, or just an easy way to get more art in at home… just for fun.

The guide will be most engaging for children between the ages of 5 and 12, but can be adapted for almost any age.

This 10 page guide is broken into several micro lessons, and focuses on developing observational skills (asking you child to examine the art closely), enhancing communication skills (as you child learns to express their visual thoughts concisely in a guided discussion), sharpening their critical thinking skills (as they make connections between art and other areas of learning– geography, science, music, literature), and exploring their unique creativity (as they complete two open ended art projects). It even includes 2 art prints you can use to decorate their creative area at home!

An amazing benefit of this style of learning is how effortlessly children are able to internalize all this new knowledge on a deeper level because they get to know the artist as more than just a historical figure– they are introduced as a real life person.

While it is important to work through the material in the order it's presented, the amount of time your child spends on each step is entirely up to them.

Beautiful art...

Meaningful time together with your kids...

Getting creative with open ended project ideas...

... it's a recipe for a fun and memorable time.