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Welcome to Art with heart week!

5 days to planning your creative homeschool year


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Daily Activities

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Day 1

Consider the importance of art.

Day 2 

Connect through conversations.

Day 3

Create open ended art.


Day 4

Curate a plan for your family.

Day 5

Cultivate an artistic lifestyle.

A gift for you!

Creativity takes courage.


Invite your friends and unlock this amazing BONUS Play Pack!

These workshops are so much more fun when we can bounce ideas off of our friends and learn from each other. Let your friends know about Art with Heart Week, and when 3 of them sign up to join us, you'll get a REALLY fun Art History Play Pack. It features a silly story template (like an art history mad lib), a "fortune teller" you can use to come up with endless art ideas, and a print and go art history scavenger hunt to play at home.