Something special is happening from February 19-24... and you're invited!

Start Homeschooling Summit – 29 presenters across 34 workshops over 6 days will cover just about everything to do with homeschooling, unschooling and everything in between. It’s going to be huge. 

29 presenters across 34 workshops over 6 days will cover just about everything to do with homeschooling, unschooling and everything in between. It’s going to be huge. 

And, it’s not just for the newbies. If you’ve been doing this for a few years it could be a great time to give yourself a bit of ‘me time’ and get a refresher to re-ignite that inspiration or hear the latest thinking on alternative education.

On Thursday I'll be presenting a workshop called Art With Heart. We'll be mapping out the exact steps you can take to add more meaningful art into your homeschool. I'm really excited to be a part of such an amazing event, and I hope you'll join me!


Put more heart into the art you do with your kids!

Join the Art with Heart Workshop and learn 5 steps that will take your homeschool art studies from “meh” to “wow!”

This workshop is for you…

  • even if you aren't artsy.
  • even if your kids haven't exactly LOVED art in the past.
  • even if you think you won’t have time for art in your homeschool.

Art is not an elective. Kids need art!

But the usual approach to art doesn’t work for many families. Art isn't a “one size fits all” subject. Some kids like to make art, others prefer to look at art and chat about it.

Discover simple and easy shifts you can make in your homeschool to include the kind of art study your kids are craving. Banish those last minute “paint by numbers” pinterest activities that lack imagination, or art history lessons like the ones you may have had in school– you know the ones that put everyone to sleep? There’s a better way to approach art. A way that excites kids, and gets them interested in learning more. A way that encourages your kids to use their creative and critical thinking skills and offers you a chance to connect to your kids in a really meaningful way.

I’ll give you a map that will show you how easy it is to implement this kind of art exploration in your homeschool!

You will be invited to: 

  • Consider the value of including art in your homeschool
  • Connect with your kids through conversations about art
  • Create open ended invitations for them to make meaningful art
  • Curate a plan that is tailor made for YOUR family, and 
  • Cultivate a lifestyle of art exploration with your kids

You'll finish the workshop inspired to include more art (with heart) in your homeschool, and you'll have a simple action plan to infuse your homeschool with creativity!

And the best part?

We'll do it in a way that is EASY for you and FUN for your kids!

The Art with Heart workshop will be available Thursday February 22. Click here to sign up.

Then, get ready for the big day by downloading and printing this workbook. It will help you to implement all of the ideas we'll cover in the workshop!


This summit is just the thing to infuse your homeschool with inspiration, creativity, as well as practical down-to-earth advice from homeschool moms who have been where you are! Each workshop will be available for free for 48 hours... so plan to watch them all during the 6-day summit, or if you'd like to purchase lifetime access to the recordings, there will be a special discounted offer (40% off)  available from February 5-18. 

When you purchase the Summit Bundle you get waaaaaaay more than just the recorded workshops, though! You get a huge package of additional courses, bonuses and valuable free extras that will make your job as homeschool mom so much easier!

I'm offering 25% off of all the Artist Guides in my shop, a FREE 30-day trial in The Studio (Art History Kids monthly membership program), plus access to my new course for parents – Making Art Meaningful. 


about the Studio

Have you ever wished that you could incorporate more art history into your homeschool, but...

  • you don't have a background in art, and you don't feel confident coming up with lesson plans?
  • you can't decide who to study or how to present the info in a fun way that's engaging for your kids?
  • you just don't have the time to plan it all out? 

The Studio is a monthly membership that helps you cover a new art history topic with your kids each month– effortlessly!

Each month you get to explore a different famous artist with your kids, introduce them to important art history ideas, and invite them to create some amazing open ended art of their own... and all of the research is done for you!

The activities are completely adaptable to fit your needs. You can spend as much or as little time on them as you like. It's all up to you and your kids. The Studio works perfectly with your schedule, and is tailor made for your homeschool lifestyle.

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I am a writer, not an artist. I love that the studio allows me to connect deeply with art and explore it in a way that is meaningful for my children (one who wants to be an artist herself.) It’s a gift.
— Elizabeth

about the guides

I am absolutely obsessed with your site and curriculum sets. The kids and I love, love, love them. They are some of the best that I have seen offered to homeschooling parents in particular. I love your community and I am just obsessed! (In a good way.)
— Christine

Who will you meet next? The masters of modern art are all here… invite your kids to explore their art, discover what makes their paintings so special, and create a few masterpieces of their own! These guides make it easy, and they are designed especially for non-artsy parents!

It's effortless and fun to create colorful memories together. Your kids will develop their art skills through open ended projects that allow for creativity, while building a foundation of cultural awareness. They will gain critical thinking skills, and discover how art history connects to everything!

As an added bonus, they will learn these skills through the study of great art. This way of learning helps to make the projects more memorable as it connects the lesson to something relevant and concrete. It's not just theory, it's meaningful because it's about a real person who actually existed in the past. 


Remember, if you purchase the Start Homeschooling Summit Bundle, you'll get a free 30 day trial in The Studio membership and 25% off the Artist Guides (in addition to all of the recorded workshops and an array of other amazing resources)!

I'll post a link to purchase the discounted bundle here when it becomes available on February 5!


Start Homeschooling Summit 2018 - join us for 35 fantastic and FREE homeschooling workshops!